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Footwear Care

  1. For Basic cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth or wet wipes. Hand sanitizer can also be used to clean the fabric footwear. Do not scrub the fabric straps. Wipe the footwear from inside and from outside, allow to dry. Be sure to let them completely dry before storing them, or they may start to odour. Do not dry in the dryer, as this will cause them to lose their shape.
  2. For Soiled Footwear: Place a small-sized amount of mild soap on the washcloth or a sponge and dampen it with water. Work up as much lather as possible. Rub only the lather/foam all over the footwear. Use a towel to rub and pat dry the footwear. Let the footwear dry completely.
  3. For Suede or rexine insoles: Use a small piece of sandpaper to rub suede insoles and for nailpolish remover for rexine insoles.

         Use this until the dirt and mud is removed.

  1. Quickly drying the footwear is essential to avoid odors.
  2. Keep the footwear in a vertical position to dry.
  3. Our footwear is for regular casual use. They are not meant for any specific purpose like sports, trekking, any rigorous activity or for any medical condition.